Freedom for Dr. Mutulu Shakur: More than Tupac’s Stepfather! New Afrikan People’s Organization / Malcolm X Grassroots Movement



Freedom for Dr. Mutulu Shakur: More than Tupac’s Stepfather!

New Afrikan People’s Organization / Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

Dr. Mutulu Shakur, a member of the New African People’s Organization and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is one of the longest held political prisoners of war in USA federal detention at this time. He has been locked down and kept from his people for over 30 years since his capture on February 11, 1986. He was charged and convicted of freeing our Sister Assata Shakur from prison and master minding a 1981 expropriation of a Brinks armored truck.

Dr. Shakur was set for release on February 10, 2016 but his release never occurred. Just before this date he was informed that he would only be scheduled to get a hearing for parole on April 4, 2016.

Dr. Shakur has violated no serious rules in the prison in his entire 30 years of captivity. He is an important member of the community and has full intentions of contributing to the welfare and success of his community with no intent of violating any laws of the USA. He will continue to advocate for the human rights and freedom of his community

Dr. Shakur has promoted unity and cooperation between prisoners in the Federal system. He has mentored and guided young brothers in the system as well as youth and students in the community who support him. He has argued and promoted for at least a decade for a “Truth, Reconciliation and Justice” process between the US government and the Black Liberation Movement to bring to the open the harm done from both sides in our people’s struggle for freedom. This would be in the tradition of other Truth and Reconciliation and Truth and Justice processes in countries like South Africa, and Argentina after long and bloody political conflicts between liberation movements and oppressive governments with the aim of peace and justice.

Yet despite this it is clear that the United States Federal Government fears freeing Dr. Mutulu Shakur, not for any harm or disruption he has committed over the past 30 years or for fear of any supposed crime he might commit in the future, but because of his consistent history of commitment to the Self Determination, and liberation of the New Afrikan Nation, so-called African Americans.

While he has become known and popularized among the youth as the step father of revolutionary hip hop artist Tupac Shakur, Dr. Shakur is much more that that. Since he was 14 years old he has committed his life to the liberation struggle of the New Afrikan people, so-called African Americans. In 1969 he defended Republic of New Afrika elders, children and leaders against a vicious military attack by Detroit police on the New Bethel Baptist Church, where Rev. C.L. Franklin, the father of Aretha Franklin was the pastor. Dr. Shakur is an accomplished Doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and the founder of the Black Acupuncture Advisory Association of North America (BAAANA) as well as the Lincoln Detox Center which was responsible for curing hundreds of heroin addicts without drugs through acupuncture until the Center was forced to close after a long struggle by the city of New York. He is a co-founder of the National Task Force for Cointelpro Litigation and Research (NTFCLR) which made it possible for Black liberation organizations and individuals to identify, coordinate and expose exactly how, where, and who the FBI had used in its evil plan called the Counter Insurgency Program or COINTELPRO to destroy organizations like the Black Panther Party, the Us Organization, the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika, and the American Indian Movement and assassinated, imprisoned or exiled so many of our leaders and freedom fighters. The NTFCLR was responsible for the legal strategy that ultimately led to the release of Black Panther political prisoner Geronimo ji Jaga (Pratt). Additionally Dr. Shakur travelled extensively to represent his people at international conferences and to gain international support for our freedom struggle from the international community.

Dr. Mutulu Shakur is being illegally detained in Federal prison beyond his release date because of his past and ongoing contributions to the human rights, self-determination and liberation of not only his nation New Afrika, but to the freedom and justice for all oppressed peoples.

The Federal parole board is assigned to determine whether Dr. Shakur can be a significant and productive contributor to the community. The opponents of his freedom has spread confusion about this by publishing and broadcasting misinformation about Dr. Shakur and about his release in order to create the condition for his continued imprisonment. It is important that the Parole Board hear from the community and that they know that Dr. Mutulu Shakur is welcome in our community. This is the message that must be spoken, written and sung about and that must be sent to the Federal Parol Board! Dr. Mutulu Shakur is welcome in our community.

We call on artists, writers, academics and community leaders to bear witness to the importance of having Dr. Mutulu Shakur returned to the community that loves him. If you know Mutulu, write or record what he has done to make your life or your community better. Let this Board know that his participation, mentorship and contributions are significantly missed and longed for in our community.



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