Chokwe Lumumba voted Mayor of Jackson, MS with Clear Mandate







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Chokwe Lumumba Elected Mayor of Jackson, MS with Clear Mandate

The People of Jackson Have Spoken: “One City, One Aim, One Destiny”


With more than 85% of the vote, the people of Jackson clearly voiced their support for Chokwe Lumumba’s vision of a unified, democratic Jackson.  Lumumba, an attorney with a long record of grassroots activism and leadership in Jackson and nationwide, offered his heartfelt thanks to residents for their faith and confidence in his candidacy.


“I want to thank each and everyone who made this victory possible. I am grateful for your vote and your trust.  I am committed to upholding that trust,” says Lumumba .  “ This has been a team effort from the very beginning.  We have always said, ‘The people must decide.’ And the people have spoken for a revitalized Jackson that works for all of us, not just the few. ”


The hotly contested race drew national attention as Lumumba is considered one of the most progressive candidates ever to be elected mayor of a major city – particularly in the South.   The Mayor Elect was outspent by more than 4-1 by his primary opponent as well as the target of vicious attack ads.  Despite the challenges, Lumumba stayed focus on issues of economic justice, democracy and the underlying root causes of Jackson’s social problems.


“The vast majority of people saw through the smear tactics and really responded to our message and vision,” says Safiya Omari, campaign manager for Elect Chokwe Lumumba Mayor.  “We have faith in Jackson.  Our people know the deal.  Chokwe speaks to their everyday reality.”


Campaigning with the message “One City, One Aim, One Destiny,” the campaign brought together a wide range of constituencies across the city committed to a progressive vision of a just and equitable Jackson.   An important component of the citywide organizing effort is the Peoples Assemblies – grassroots leaders from across the city that have been working together with Lumumba to build a people centered policy agenda.


Says Lumumba, “This has been a grassroots campaign from the start.  And my commitment to listening to you, the people of Jackson, won’t end with the campaign.  I look forward to working with everyone committed to building a just and thriving city.  We have challenges ahead.  We have work to do but I believe we are up to the task before us.”


The Mayor Elect will be sworn in as Mayor on Monday, July 1st.





5 thoughts on “Chokwe Lumumba voted Mayor of Jackson, MS with Clear Mandate

  1. WOW! Let me be one of the first to congratulate you. Now where do you plan on being the Mayor? Kenya? Zimbabwe? All of Africa? Will be happy to be a part of your “send away group”. Just let us know when. Surely you jest if you think it’s in America? We are a Republic. We are the offspring of the Founding Fathers. We are proud Constitutionalist. We are a Christian nation. We love our country and our great military. We are the few, the proud. OK??????????????????????????????????????????????????


    1. I am not sure if I ‘get’ where you are coming from: satirical? blatantly ignorantly ranting racist? So are you saying that because a Black man was elected mayor in the US that this somehow has something to do with him being a politician in Kenya? Zimbabwe? All of Africa? Firstly, if you are a racist ranting on, then I would like to inform you that one cannot be a ‘mayor’ of a country let alone a continent, and your ignorance of basic political denotations simply adds to the miasma that is your comment above. Lastly, the US is a secular state, I am not sure if you have heard of the ‘separation of church and state’ but it is a really big part of US law, etc, so no, the US may be a country with a lot of Christians but it is not a ‘Christian nation.’


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