The Hold Up

cartoon banker bumIf you’ve been watching the news and the hysteria that they are putting out there, I hope this piece puts out some clarity for you.

This financial mess that we are witnessing is not an accident. This financial bailout is really a financial ‘hold up’ and what we are witnessing and going through is ‘structural adjustment’ for 1st world nations. It is the best gangsta shit you will ever see and towards the end there will be a stronger centralized global financial system while at the same time adjusting 1st world living standards to the rest of the world.

As organizers we know that the cost of living is stupid and unaffordable. There is a lot of bullshit talk about the sub-prime borrowers and how they took on debt they couldn’t afford. This isn’t about them. This is about debt and how profits are made from debt through interest rates that keep folks in a state of slavery and indentured servitude.

Debt maintains middle class lifestyles and insures economic loyalty to the republic. One of the reasons Bill Clinton has so much popularity with the Black and Brown middle class is because he made capitalism work for them. Now, that bubble has burst, and its leaving mad folks confused and disoriented. This is called ‘Shock’ capitalism.

Shock capitalism is how you place people in a state of panic and fear so that one can basically pass any kind of unpopular legislation, i.e 800 billion dollar check, also known as the Housing and Economic Recovering Act 2008, an act that pushes forward socialization/nationalization of debt/risk of global financial companies onto our communities.

For the last thirty years, creating debt has been a main force driving up the stock market. That’s how the stock-market jumped to record highs of 14,000. Under the guise of the ‘appreciation’ of things ranging from real estate to stock market issues, and driven by the indefensible ‘interest’ cost on all this debt, financial institutions rolled out fat checks to their constituency that was never grounded in real wealth.

Here’s a housing example of how this works — I want to buy a house, aka Crystal House, in East New York, and its true value is $100,000. But the market inflated the price to $250,000. They are charging me a high interest rate on the loan so that at the end of thirty years I will be
paying close to a million on that house. Then the bank, i.e. Country Wide, takes my mortgage debt amongst other individuals in the community’s mortgage debt and packages it into a bundle. Country Wide then takes the inflated mortgage, flips it, aka sells it, for a profit to a company like Fannie Mae. Then Fannie Mae creates a Trust and flips that as a bond to investors as an investment for mutual funds/401K pension funds to invest in. This is called the Securitization Market.

Securitization is a structured finance process, which involves pooling and repackaging of cash flow producing financial assets into securities that are then sold to investors. Here’s the thing– the only real asset is the true value of the house, but banks sold debt as an asset to the market as profit. Result, Wall Street created paper aka profits without it being tied to real assets and when they did have access to assets they inflated it to a point of combustion. Result- Lehman Brothers implodes. When other financial institutions and investors saw this they
lost confidence in themselves in their financial hustle/schemes

This was intentionally designed to leave us where we are now. So please,
don’t get it twisted, The Financial industries who run this shit are predatory in nature. Knowing full well that they were creating a great deal more debt than anyone could carry, let alone pay back. Through NAFTA and other trade agreements the U.S. has shifted manufacturing and
research capacity, and jobs, and moved approximately $10 trillion of capital offshore; much of it by illegal means. This has been the U.S. economic strategy; export living wage work, raise/inflate the cost of living, destabilize by internally displacing individuals/communities
and create easy access to credit. Result: communities are hit hard with mortgage, auto, medical, education and credit card debt.

These financial failures and the nationalization of debt/risk was always in the cards – it was just a matter of when. This is a global operation and it is managed tightly by the cartels that syndicate around central banking and warfare.

There are four main phases:

Phase One —

Break it: Private syndicates make money destroying a place through devaluing currencies, organized crime, covert operations, warfare or a variety of all;

Phase Two —

Buy it: The profit generated from breaking it is used to buy or seize ‘legal control’ at a huge discount;

Phase Three —

Fix it: Government funding, credit and subsidies are then used to ‘fix it’ while harvesting remaining assets, including with drug trafficking, sex slavery and any form of liquidating the human, intellectual, environmental and physical capital in a place;

Phase Four —


Declare Victory: Victory is declared and a flow of foundation and academic grants funded by the ‘break-it-fix-it’ profits generate awards, photo opportunities and official archives and documentation for the perpetrators to be admired.


Soon, you will witness how the Corporate Media will begin talking about how The G7, World Bank and the IMF are going to save the day. It’s just a matter of time before they are promoted as heroes.

Again, this bail out will only push forward the goal for centralized control of the financial industry. Between Freddie, Fannie, Ginnie Mae, FHA, VA and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the federal government will no longer regulate or provide credit to the residential mortgage market – it will be the market. Both republicans and democrats are in this shit (yes, there are few exceptions). Understand these remedies to these created problems have been purposefully misdiagnosed and will lead to an endless maze of hopelessly flawed solutions which will add more folks to the already billions of folks who do not currently prosper from this predatory economic system.

As the political and financial elite proceeds, they have taken the authority to shift up to $700 billion of bad debt and toxic mortgages (which they created) onto the backs of you via the federal government. Again, the same folks who have caused havoc in our communities via the U.S. financial system are the very ones given the lucrative contract to ‘rebuild it.’ This bail out legislation assigns dictator-like powers to the U.S. Secretary of Treasury and certain big banks, and, they are going to use these powers to put themselves in an ideal position to strike a blow at other competitors, including non-monopoly financial institutions that are smaller or more community and regionally based. Many analysts are predicting that hundreds of smaller banks and financial companies across the U.S. will go bankrupt in the coming period. Guess who will be swooping in to take over their business. Pretty fucking gangsta wouldn’t you say! The consequences are gonna be crazy, not just for the economy, but also for our basic human ‘rights’.



2 thoughts on “The Hold Up

  1. So – this is how one gets one’s house ‘laundered?’ i.e., flip the script enough times so that they’re making money on profits that don’t exist – putting us in the streets homeless and at the mercy of the whoever industrial complexes…?

    And so – AFRIKANS now still foolish enough to vote have selected a Jewish president to make war on Afghanistan, Iran, Haiti, Palestine, Somalia, Sierra Leone, and us here, in the u.s.
    Big Brother & Corporate Mother…makes hitler look like a fairy – tail.

    War Without Terms,


  2. u know, i’ve been trying 2 tell folks that everything we’re going through is set up 4 us 2 go through…. we suffer so they won’t have 2.. when they f**k up, they blame us… it’s crazy!! then folks wonder why the only history that is taught in the grimey, garbage ass european educational institutions is that of the fucks who have been apart of our genocide since alexander the great’s f****t a**! excuse the language, i’m just angry @ this…


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